About Shamrock Samurai

Reggie Ige and Paul Thompson Shamrock SamuraiShamrock Samurai is a digital media & marketing company located in Orange County, California. Shamrock Samurai offers website design, video production, and photography services for events, lifestyle, catalog, products, and fashion.

Shamrock Samurai is the brainchild of Reggie Ige and Paul Thompson. Reggie a professional photographer in Orange County for 15 years is also a talented videographer/editor and enjoys working with coding and database management. While Paul, a sales and marketing professional for 12 years in LA and Orange County is a talented graphic designer and writer who also understands SEO/SEM and social media and likes helping his clients be found by their audience online.

Paul and Reggie met in 2003, when Paul was art directing a photo shoot for a regional client. The two continued to work on projects over the next 9 years and one day while working on a video production Paul and Reggie got to talking about what they could do together. As a pair, their skill sets were a perfect compliment. They also realized that as life long film fans, they both wanted to do more with video production and had been looking for ways to get into telling stories too. That was when Shamrock Samurai was born.

So where did Shamrock Samurai come from? “We were joking around with names that would fit the partnership. Reggie’s grandparents moved here from Japan so he is second generation Japanese.” Paul explains, “And Paul immigrated to the US from Ireland so he is first generation Irish”, Reggie remarks. “We joked around about typical national symbolism and this one just had a good ring to it.”

Key Team Members

Thyronne Millaud

Thyronne Millaud is an exceptional professional photographer with a flare for capturing the dramatic. Thyronne’s career of more than 15 years has included working with such noted celebrities as Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Tilly, Christina Applegate, Apollonia and Paris Hilton to name a few. Thyronne’s quick wit, fun personality and penchant for story telling make every shoot an enjoyable affair. Thyronne is also a gifted writer, Photoshop expert and graphic designer. Thyronne’s work has been published both nationally and internationally.