OC Wine & Lifestyle Video Blog

Realtor Kathy Schager was producing her own wine review blog using the camera on her laptop computer. The series of reviews were aimed at a demographic who would benefit from her work as a realtor. But, the lighting wasn’t flattering and neither was the wide angle view of the laptop’s lens. The look of her videos wasn’t matching with the expectations of her demographic.

Shamrock Samurai teamed up with Kathy to “up” the production value of her reviews. The quality of your videos may be your viewers initial introduction to you and your business. And, we all know the importance of first impressions. The goal was to produce a series of videos that felt more like a Food Network segment than a dyi home production by adding some new graphics, cleaning up the lighting and shooting Kathy at more flattering angles.

OC Wine – Castoro Cellars review from Shamrock Samurai on Vimeo.

OC Wine & Lifestyle – Orin Swift Cellars "The Prisoner" review from Reggie on Vimeo.

OC Wine & Lifestyle – Opolo Vineyards "Montagna-Mare" review from Reggie on Vimeo.